The Future You Will Thank You for Taking Part in These Activities in College

The Future You Will Thank You for Taking Part in These Activities in College

For a life with few or no regrets, you should enjoy your college life to the fullest. Why? Most adults regret not living their college lives to the fullest and taking advantage of the opportunities they had then. So, to lead a different path or life, do the following:


  • Get a part-time job or volunteer


The money may not be much and the stipend almost negligible but the experience gained plus the employer recommendations will fast-track your job search post-graduation. You may even land a job before your graduation. So, if there is a low-paying part-time position in that Toronto Massage Company, take it.


  • Hit the gym


Unless you are a gym rat, you should make it a habit of working out frequently. Not only will that make you fit and increase your mental alertness but it will lower your risk of getting lifestyle disease or getting into risky and harmful habits.


  • Know your professors


Your stay in college will not be as much fun to study all the time, but when you graduate and get your dream job immediately, you will appreciate the time you showed more commitment that your professor noticed. Contrary to what people think, a professor who remembers more than your face goes a long way in dropping a big recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.  Talk to your professor about research projects, courses and internship opportunities that can help you forge a successful career path.


  • Take a Personal Finance Class


Most adults and persons in high-paying jobs are still struggling with personal finance because it didn’t feel as important back then. You can hold power to your finances by taking that class. The class will help you know what to do when applying for an auto loan or when choosing an investment or your 401K plan. If you can’t get the course freely, take up a free online course.


  • How about a second or third language


As a bilingual or a multi-lingual college graduate, you will stand out. So, whether you are studying abroad or locally, master another language and practice the newly learned words with your friends. It will make the difference, especially when looking for a highly competitive position.


  • Earn Valuable Credentials


Your credentials will color your LinkedIn profile and your CV. Again, you should speak to your professors and career counselors about the best career credentials one should hold. In most cases, you’ll need to get a specific certification for valuable credentials.


  • Go for internships


Instead of traveling during your summer or spring break, you should look for internship positions. Graduates who go for internships have better chances of snagging full-time opportunities.


  • Participate in extra-curriculum activities


Join clubs, take part in sports and become a committed member of an organization. Extra curriculum activities sharpen your soft skills like team playing, leadership, communication, problem-solving, or decision-making among others. Nowadays, employers consider soft over technical skills.

Final Thoughts

Besides studying and attending parties, you should take part in other activities, not in your admission pamphlet. Making friends, asking for career advice, job shadowing, and finally, decide where you want to finish then make your plans backward.

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